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Blank Markup Module

Blank Markup Module

blank/ ⟵ ① duplicate and rename folder
├── _notes.txt
├── entry.shtml ⟵ ② define #MODULE# variable as new folder name
├── items/
│ └── blank.shtml
├── lists/
│ └── default.shtml
├── templates/
│ ├── default.shtml
│ └── parts/
│ ├── bottom.shtml
│ └── top.shtml
└── types/
├── item.shtml
└── parts/
├── bottom.shtml
└── top.shtml

Code Modules suffers from an excess of boilerplate. The Blank module lightens the burden of creating new Markup modules. The Blank module is a set of standardized folders and files linked together. The Blank module is located at: app/modules/markup/blank/

① Duplicate the whole blank folder, then rename the folder (e.g. “social” or app/modules/markup/social/), ② define the value of the #MODULE# variable in the entry.shtml file to match the folder name (e.g. #MODULE# = "social"), and then ③ start to customize the module.

The Code Modules starter set on GitHub contains a Blank module within the high level Markup module folder: app/modules-starter/markup/blank/.